"From idea to enterprise"


  1. Direct Technical Assistance
  2. Youth Enterprise Officers and contracted consultants work actively in the field guiding entrepreneurs in the steps to business ownership and management.

  3. Facilitation of Access to Financial Assistance
  4. Through collaborative linkages and ongoing sourcing, YES helps entrepreneurs find money to finance their business.

  5. A Mentorship Programme
  6. Experienced, dynamic business mentors work with entrepreneurs on a one-on-one basis to support, guide and inspire them to successfully accomplish their business goals.

  7. An Entrepreneurial Development Training Programme
  8. Everyone is given the opportunity to benefit from Yes' training programme. Participants are tutored in a range of topics within Business Planning and Management and are also exposed to seminars in personal development and other business related activities to assist them in developing their full potential as successful entrepreneurs.

  9. An Accounting Service
  10. A cost sharing facility for entrepreneurs who, for various reasons, are unable to perform their own record keeping, financial analysis and accounting functions.

  11. A Marketing Service
  12. A cost sharing facility that provides affordable marketing strategies for entrepreneurs.

All you need to participate is:

  • Be under the age of thirty (30)
  • Have a business idea or simply a special talent
  • A strong desire to own your own business
  • Commitment
  • Determination
  • The will to go the extra mile

Click here for further information from the official YES website.

Programme Manager

Mrs. Selma J. Green

Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Are you young, committed, determined, creative, innovative, visionary but most of all passionate what you want to achieve.

If the answer to those questions is YES! then The Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme wants to help you.

Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme