Greeting - Principle Youth Development Officer

The vision of the Division of Youth in Barbados is to facilitate the development of confident, proud self reliant and creative individuals through involvement in productive activity that contributes to personal community and national development.

It is through this vision and its corresponding goals of:

- informing policy development for youth initiatives;
- facilitating access to opportunities and services from both government and non-governmental agencies;
- promoting growth and development of youth organisations;
- creating and maintaining a social and non infra-structural environment appropriate for the delivery of training;
- providing a comprehensive package of programmes and services to young entrepreneurs and contributing to the development of an entrepreneurial climate that the Youth Development Programme (YDP) and its team of Officers, called Youth Commissioners engage and facilitate the needs and aspirations of Barbadian youth in the nine (9) to twenty-nine (29) age group.

Our programmes are designed based on the expressed needs of young men and women who we interact with within Barbadian communities, including schools, churches, organisations and at their homes.

I encourage you to explore the website and our programmes. You can contact your Youth Commissioner and find out more about our programmes or share something you would like to do.

Looking forward to working with you.

Mr. John Hollingsworth

Principle Youth Development Officer, YDP