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National Youth Survey 2016

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth will be conducting the National Youth Survey (NYS) during the period May to June, 2016 in selected districts across Barbados.

National Youth Survey 2016

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth will be conducting the National Youth Survey (NYS) during the period May to June, 2016 in selected districts across Barbados.

The NYS provides an opportunity for young people to be engaged in a participatory process and to make inputs in areas that affect them. Thus affirming the rights based approach to youth empowerment where young people are consulted and are considered as serious partners in national development efforts. The experience, knowledge and skills gathered will strengthen the work of the  Ministry and other youth stakeholders who are engaged in providing the structural reforms needed to improve the conditions of young people. The NYS will therefore:

·  Collect and aggregate local youth specific data

·   Provide a comparative analysis of the systemic changes/trends affecting the condition of youth post 2005

·   Strengthen the empirical framework with which youth empowerment is advanced

·   Result in improved policy making and targeted interventions to meet the needs and aspirations of young people

·   Meet the imperatives of the National Youth Policy of Barbados 2011

The NYS will provide an empirical examination of views and experiences of young people on a number of socio-economic and socio-cultural areas. It should lead to better informed and designed policy, improved targeting, allocation of resources and investments in young people. The exercise will also be used to fill statistical gaps for the Youth Development Index which will indicate the status of Barbadian youth as compared to their counterparts around the world. It will capture data on the perceptions, aspirations, values, concerns, support networks and developmental challenges experienced by persons between the ages of 16 to 29 in Barbados. Also included will be data on the demographic and socioeconomic status of respondents, educational attainment, religious affiliation, occupation, disabilities, social group affiliation, knowledge of local youth programmes, youth interaction with agents of socialisation, access to social services and youth crime and violence. Demographic variables include sex, ethnicity, birth date, marital status, employment status and information on household composition.

Enumerators will be drawn primarily from staff of the Youth Development Programme of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth who will possess appropriate identification. Findings from the exercise will be used by the Ministry to gauge the state of the youth population. The data analysis will guide national strategies and programme interventions that respond to youth challenges which include:

·  Youth health

·  Youth employment

·  Involvement of young people in safe and secure communities and a society free from violence

·  Youth participation in governance and decision making

·  Education of youth especially those living in difficult circumstances and/or with special needs

·  Youth recreation, positive development

·  Development of social capital

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