Manager of Youth Entreprenuership Scheme

Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Are you young, committed, determined, creative, innovative, visionary but most of all passionate what you want to achieve.

If the answer to those questions is YES! then The Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme wants to help you.

YES empowers young people to reach their fullest potential and realise their entrepreneurial aspirations. We are committed to being the leading provider of entrepreneurial development services. We leverage our people, financial resources and technology, not only to excel as a preferred provider of business solutions for young entrepreneurs but also to promote social development and economic growth.

At YES, we encourage and involve young people especially women in the entrepreneurial process. We help young entrepreneurs to develop the skills, talents, abilities and motivation to pursue opportunities and ideas that can be transformed into viable and successful businesses.

To learn more about our exciting programmes, our achievements and the successes of young entrepreneurs, visit our web site.

Come join us at YES and help us create a new generation of entrepreneurs!

Mrs. Selma J. Green
Manager, Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme