YDP National Community Sports Training

The Barbados National Youth Policy (NYP) states that there will be a“… development of sports as an industry that creates employment and wealth for athletes. It (the NYP) will also encourage people to consider the range of satellite occupations that support sports; from sports medicine, to sports management, facilities maintenance, catering, transport and accommodation.”

The Youth Development Programme, in the Division of Youth, introduced the National Community Sports Training Programme in 1996, following a national youth survey that identified the need for access to training for a variety of disciplines in sports. The introduction and continued facilitation of the annually held programme, provides training by qualified coaches, an avenue for leisure, socialization and networking as well as emphasizes the importance of teamwork and the building of stronger communities.

Sports offers a gateway to scholarship entry to local and overseas colleges and universities, thus providing an opportunity for upward mobility towards professional and personal development. This is evident through the many scholarships that are available to our young athletes. Sports development can therefore be viewed as an industry that can contribute to the sustainable development of youth and youth development. This sentiment is amplified in the National Youth Policy.



HIV and AIDS Component


The National Community Sports Development Training Programme in recent years introduced a HIV and AIDS component consistent with the department’s effort to sensitize the population of the HIV and AIDS pandemic. Sessions are facilitated during community training programmes by the department’s HIV and AIDS Committee. In 2015 this programme will be extended to provide training for coaches in the programme in HIV and AIDS and Family Life Education.



Coaches Training



Additionally Coaches will receive training in child protection and working with young people skills to strengthen their competencies and delivery working with our young athletes.


To participate in the National Community Sports Training Programme contact your Youth Commissioner or the Youth Development Programme, Division of Youth at 621-2700.