A Job Attachment and Mentorship Programme that targets young people between the ages of sixteen (16) and twenty four (24) years, who are unemployed and not engaged in any full time educational institution.  The programme provides participants with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and gaining employment.

A critical area of this programme is the built in Psycho Social Support. This allows Social Workers and Counselors to work with participants and closely monitor, evaluate and resolve any issues that may affect their progress. Our team of facilitators has a vast number of years of experience, working in both private and public sectors across Barbados.


·         To give young people an opportunity to  gain life skills and job skills

·         To create the right type of work ethics amongst disengaged or unattached  youth

·         To provide opportunity for possible employment

·         To develop better partnerships between   Government and the Private Sector 

Programme Coordinator

Elizabeth Bowen
Seniour Youth Commissioner / Project Coordinator