Youth Development Programme


To address the concerns, issues, aspirations and prospects of all young people within the mandated nine (9) to twenty-nine (29) age group.

The Programme

All programmes of the Youth Development Programme are created based on information collected during the National Youth Surveys, co-ordinated consultations and seminars ongoing interaction with youth within their communities.

Under the Youth Development Programme, Barbados is divided into four zones , each headed by a Senior Youth Commissioner and into thirty-two (32) districts individually serviced by thirty-two (32) Youth Commissioners. Each district consists of approximately three thousand (3,000) young people with YDP's target group.

The Role of the Youth Commissioner

  1. To identify, collect and maintain basic information on all young people between the ages nine (9) and twenty-nine (29).
  2. To facilitate the realisation of the creative potential of young people, by mobilising, guiding and channeling their access to the wide range of government and non-governmental services.
  3. To promote, mobilise and extend the activities and membership of youth groups and organisations in their districts.
  4. To work with young men and women who are not members of an organised group.
  5. To assist or work with youth related governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  6. To maintain a directory of all services and programmes available in Barbados relevant to the needs of young people.
  7. To maintain a directory of youth and community organisations.

Annual Events & Services

  1. Community Projects
  2. Community Productions
  3. Community Sports & Cultural Training Programmes
  4. Facilitation Services for Individuals and Organisations
  5. Secretariat Services for Youth and Community Groups
  6. Sports Rallies
  7. The Garden Project
  8. The National Consultation on Youth
  9. Training Programmes for Youth and Community Groups
  10. Youth Achieving Results (YAR) Programme



Mr. John Hollingsworth

Principle Youth Development Officer, YDP


The vision of the Division of Youth in Barbados is to facilitate the development of confident, proud self reliant and creative individuals through involvement in productive activity that contributes to personal community and national development.



Youth Development Programme